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Iftah Geve

"Diamond" – The internal  power

Carbon atoms contain the potential of forming coal or diamond.  They can be seen as the soft coal dust that covers the faces of miners or shone as an elegant diamond, the hardest product of nature.  In fact, diamonds and coal, despite their dichotomy - differ only in the internal arrangement of the atoms, the carbon atoms. 
Diamond - is a sculpture made to be in perpetual motion around some sort of a balance point, which enables its eternal life - like a diamond.  It simulates the stable crystal diamond, while its movements represent the turmoil of life.  It is a paradox, but this turmoil enables tough and unwavering inner strength, which allows the development of absolute freedom and experimentation. 

Know yourself

Throughout life, the most important questions must be addressed to…. Myself.

For me this is the most important job of all, since from here, from self-knowledge, everything begins.

The Question Mark in this work reveals the desire and the need for self-inquiry, the willingness to understand, change and to self-improve.

It is dealing with these inner-questions, although sometimes fruitless, that is significant to me. This is my way to learn about how thought actually works, and this also, once again, brings me to the profound understanding that the only thing I really have is - ME.

My life - is what I make of it. The freedom to decide belongs to me, and along with that freedom comes the full responsibility for the outcome…..



This work is the natural continuance of Know Yourself. Through self-investigation I try to learn 
who I really am, and then try to live up to it. This work is an important reminder for me as the 
ball will forever struggle with the force of gravity that pulls it downward, so do I struggle against 
the influences of the environment that pull me down, towards belonging, uniformity and 
assimilation into society. 
This is my struggle - building my values, thinking and acting independently - free from the 
chains of cultural conditioning. 
This is my struggle to "do it my way ". 

Individual (1).JPG


This project contains two works

size - 0.8/0.6/0.4 m

(work in progress)

Individual work #2

This work of art is consisted of an ascending water flow risinig up at a center of a water pool, on which a ball is miraculously floating. Time after time, whenever the ball falls off the ascending flow into the pool, it is oriented by the whirlpool towards the center where it is again launched upwards.


Individual work #2


( work in process)

Golden Cage

The cube, in its symmetry, symbolizes to me the lure of the familiar, the understandable and the convenient. Over the years, unintentionally, I have been building my very own cage. My cage was defined by my habits, beliefs, behavioral patterns, fears and responsibility for others. Gradually and absentmindedly I shut myself to the surroundings without ever seeing that I am trapped. 
My golden cage was created by me. Perhaps, that is why I find it so hard to escape…



Birth - encapsulates a life from its starting point to the  present.

Birth - encapsulates a life from its starting point to the present. The sculpture symbolizes the nonlinear transition from a 1 millimeter sized grain into a 600 millimeter sized flake. The actual existence of the universe has started out of one single spot in space. The Big Bang Theory depicts a process of expansion that began many years ago and occurred with breathtaking speed, during which our universe was created, along with the dimensions of time and space as we perceive them today. 
The same process happens inside the human womb. A coincidental meeting of a sperm cell with an ovum (egg) brings the microscopic dot to swiftly multiply into: 2,4,8,16,32 and so on, and that creates ….LIFE. 
When standing before this sculpture of mine, I see my reflection and I view my own self. All those hundreds and thousands of dots that had assembled to create ME, are manifested in this work of art. They are present. Nevertheless, the most fundamental and noticeable presence is undoubtedly the moment of the present, now. 

size - 2/2.5/1 m


Relationship - expresses different aspects of an optional relationship between two entities. Two is the minimum number for a relationship: between atoms, objects or living creatures, us, humans, included.  Being in relationships, I realized that it is the rhythms, intensity, and energy of the body, the emotions and thought that dance and change all the time.

Relationship - attempts to capture the moment when two figures form one entity, and at the same time still host or hold the two separate entities.  What are the qualities of the unity, and how do they differ from them being two unique components?

Relationship Work #1

size - 1/1 m

When God will have lost

Genetic Engineering

Will this be the moment when we can mold the new generation into a better humanity?  
Will this be the moment when the interaction with body, machine and computer becomes physically possible?  
Will this be the moment of actually defeating death by human beings? 


What single element in our world represents life most of all? 
 What do all living beings have in common? 
 What connects mankind to animal and plants? 
 At the basis of existence lies the water molecule H 2 O. This molecule is found in every plant and animal. It is an essential component of the single cell, and it connects millions of cells together to form a whole organism. It is the hidden factor that motivates scientists to explore space and seek remote galaxies. 
Do you call it living?  

size - 3.3/2/2 m

(work in progress)

IMG_0206 (1).jpg

Black, White and in-between

This sculpture depicts the invisible bond that connects all those dots from along the way, end route to the finish line. Every 2 consecutive dots share  great resemblance; nonetheless, this only shows the gradual stepwise progression on the course towards the final target. As long as this slow and gradual process is hidden from the naked eye, a Black and White picture is obtained in the mind of the beholder. 
This work of art symbolizes for me all the things that I misjudge when focusing only on what the eye can see, without taking into account the previous  journey that actually led to the final product now laid before me. 

size - 0.35 D each

(work in progress)

The Tree

One of the natural phenomena that i find the most touching is - Trees.

I absolutely love them!!

How something that begins so tiny grows up into a tree? 

size - 1/0.8/0.6 m

bronze and carbon fibers

Carbon and Wood

Old Projects

size -0.45/1/1 m

size -0.4/1.2/1.2 m

size - 0.6/1.2/0.8 m

size - 0.4/1/0.8m

size - 15/15 cm

size - 15/15 cm

size - 15/15 cm

size - 15/15 cm

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